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For three decades Pro tow has been Eastern Iowa’s most trusted name in the towing business. As a qualified representative of all major motor clubs, including AAA, our certified technicians will promptly arrive on scene to quickly, safely, and without hassle provide you with great professional services. It is our mission to ensure that you are totally satisfied and safely transport you r vehicle to the desired location.

In an effort to provide the best possible customer service our phones are answered 24 hours-a-day, seven days a week by Pro Tow’s office dispatch. With fifteen trucks ranging from light duty wreckers and flat beds to heavy duty wreckers, we maintain a full fleet capable of performing any tow or any recovery service. We maintain three shifts of tow operators and dispatchers to ensure that we are fully staffed 24 hours a day and that we never miss a call or tow. We truly are at your service at all times. With a fully fenced and gated four acre outdoor storage facility and 3000 square feet indoor storage facility, we are fully prepared to handle all vehicle storage that you may need.

We hope you will strongly consider Pro Tow your primary towing service provider.

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• Recycler License #R660

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Cedar Rapids Towing Company: Coming to Your Rescue

Almost every driver will need to call a Cedar Rapids Towing Company at some point in time. Vehicle break downs and accidents are just part of the risk we take when we drive. The fact is there are a number of reasons a driver might end up stranded along side the road. If a car is not maintained well, is more than five to ten years old, or is constantly subjected to harsh treatment, it is liable to break down at any time.

There are also cars that simply don’t run well in extreme temperatures. Others may have faulty wiring that can cause them to stop running. Newer vehicles are equipped to alert drivers to mechanical and electrical problems and may shut the vehicle down if they are very serious. In instances such as these, your local Cedar Rapids Towing Company is more than happy to provide vehicle towing services. And keep in mind that this applies to truck towing as well as car towing.

Heavy rains and snowfall account for a good deal of the Cedar Rapids Towing Company business, as trucks are called out to rescue people who have slid into ditches, mailboxes, fences, and even other drivers. In some cases these are true emergencies and medical personnel are summoned to the scene, but most of the time it's a case of a shaken driver and dangerous road conditions. If the conditions are too harsh for the tow truck to come out or they have no trucks to spare, your Cedar Rapids Towing Company may choose to call emergency personnel instead, making sure you are safe and taken care of while they get some

Cedar Rapids Towing Company: For those Minor Breakdowns

Running out of gas doesn't happen too often since most late model cars have a sensor that will alert the driver when fuel is low in the tank. Usually drivers will try to get to the gas station as soon as they can. However, a driver trying to reach a particular gas station or driving in an unfamiliar area might unintentionally drive until the tank is empty. Sometimes a Cedar Rapids Towing Company will offer to deliver gas to a stranded driver, if they're near enough; otherwise, vehicle towing is the most common solution.

Often the Cedar Rapids Towing Company truck driver is also a mechanic (or at least to some extent). If you come out of the mall and find that your car won't start due to a dead battery, he'll get you started. While it may cost you the fee for the service call, you won't need to pay for vehicle towing. If your car won’t start, he’ll give you a ride home, along with your car. He can either drop it off there or he can take it to a garage of your choice a garage that his towing service works with. The best part is that if you have towing coverage through your auto insurance or motor club, your vehicle towing will be covered.

Cedar Rapids Towing Company: Trailer Towing

Many towing companies also provide flatbed or lowboy trailer towing. Trailer towing is a lot safer and gentler on your vehicle than towing it with a chain attached to the under frame. These trailers are low to the ground, making it easy to load your car with a set of ramps and a winch.
Trailer towing is the best solution for moving construction equipment, farm machinery, large disabled vehicles such as buses and even small planes and helicopters. It may also be used for large truck towing when the cab of a tractor trailer becomes disabled. If you own a small excavation service, why maintain your own trailer with the added vehicle registration and insurance when a Cedar Rapids Towing Company can provide trailer towing whenever you need it and at reasonable

Cedar Rapids Towing Company: Property Owner Services

A Cedar Rapids Towing Company may also offer tow away services to many local businesses. In some areas where parking is scarce, vehicle owners may attempt to park in private lots intended for customers, employees or apartment tenants. Customers and tenants then have no place to park. You can solve this problem by having a Cedar Rapids Towing Company remove unauthorized vehicles from your lot. Usually this service is provided at no charge to the property owner.

The Cedar Rapids Towing Company will provide you with state certified tow away signs informing drivers that they are parking on private property and that unauthorized vehicles will be towed away. This allows you, the property owner or manager to call and request towing of illegally parked vehicles any time day or night. A dispatcher will promptly send a tow truck to the location to remove the vehicle. The infraction is written up, you are given a copy and the police are informed of the incident. The signs have the added benefit of providing your customers or tenants with an emergency phone number if they ever find themselves in need of a towing service.

Let a Cedar Rapids Towing Company Monitor Your Private Parking Lot

The other option for property owners is to set up a schedule for patrols. The Cedar Rapids Towing Company doesn't actually have a driver sitting on the property like a security company but they have their driver monitor the lot with periodic check-ins throughout the patrol time period.

If any driver spots a violation of the posted parking rules or local laws, they radio the Cedar Rapids Towing Company supervisor assigned to the site. Based on their knowledge of the local parking laws, the Cedar Rapids Towing Company supervisor can determine whether or not the vehicle needs to be towed. There are many laws and regulations involved around vehicle towing, so hiring knowledgeable staff is a must. You don't want to be held responsible for any car towing and damage related lawsuits. Once the vehicle is towed it then becomes the vehicle owner's responsibility to contact the impound lot used by the Cedar Rapids Towing Company.

Whether you're an individual who needs a tow from the scene of a fender-bender, or a business owner in need of someone to patrol your lot, there’s always a Cedar Rapids Towing Company to help you out. They’ll come to your rescue with dependable car towing, truck towing and trailer towing services.

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On December 5th of 2010, I called 3 other towing companies and they refused to help me because “it’s not worth their time and what you are willing to pay”. When I called you, your dispatcher was a cheerful voice and I explained to him that I was from out of town and only had $70 dollars on me. The dispatcher took my name and my info and told me it would be 1hr and they would have to send for Highway Patrol to block the highway while the driver retrieved the car. The best news I could hear from someone after being shut down by 3 other tow companies. Your driver Rodger came out to I-380 greeted me and had me sit in his warm tow truck and we talked while we waited for the highway patrol. I must tell you he went above and behind the towing duty. As we waited for the highway patrol to help block traffic I was hungry, Rodger shared his lunch with me and his water, life saver as I was starving. As soon as the Highway Patrol showed up Rodger got ready in less than the time it took me to go into the ditch Roger had me out. The Patrol officer said that was the quickest he has ever seen anyone pull a car out without damaging it. I thanked Roger and am asking you to praise him and your staff for having a heart and dealing with a man that only had $70 dollars in his wallet. Thank you and God Bless.
W. S. - Henderson